Another soul-nourishing meeting with my local haiku-kai yesterday. A kukai is when a group gets together and submits haiku. The haiku are read anonymously by the facilitator and everyone gets to vote on the ones they like. Everyone goes around and comments on why they like the ones they vote for. Then there is a “winner” which is the haiku which received the most votes. The haiku which received votes are read and the authors of those haiku identify themselves. It is a lot of fun and my haiku-kai starts out with the facilitator reading commentary she has written about the previous month’s winning haiku. It is informative and supportive. This is traditionally how haiku were written in Japan and still are today. Haiku writing and sharing is a social activity in Japan and is a lovely, creative tradition to participate in. Our kukai meets at the local public library. If you are looking for haiku gatherings, contact the Haiku Society of America and they may be able to let you know of any in your area.


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